Magicians for Entertainment

More people these days are looking for new and interesting ways to keep guests entertained at their wedding reception. With the latest surge in television magic hiring a magician is becoming increasingly popular as magic has evolved to become far more sophisticated and engaging for all ages.

Some people still think of a magician as someone who pulls rabbits out of hats, waves wands and silk scarves and wears questionable clothing and as a result people are hesitant when they hear the word magician in the same sentence as wedding entertainment! However this might be the type of magician you’re looking for if you want someone to entertain the children during the speeches so it’s worth doing some research, I am happy to recommend someone suitable for your even.

A good magician will be smart in appearance, have a friendly manner and be able to entertain guests of all ages with a high level of skill. The guests should be enthralled by the performance and want to see more and not be whispering “I saw how he did that!”

If you have seen the latest television magic specials over the last few years you’ll know exactly the kind of magic that really makes an impression on people and when performed close up is spectacular to watch.

Where would a magician fit in at your wedding or party?
There are many opportunities at a wedding for a magician to entertain your guests, the photographs are usually the first spot in the day where the guests will be needing something to do and having a magician mix and mingle performing sleight of hand with cards, coins and borrowed objects is a great ice- breaker and an excellent way of getting your guests better acquainted with each other.

The next spot would be during the meal, short snappy magic using whatever effects the magician feels appropriate for the situation, either during the whole meal or just between courses.

Then there is the evening reception, the meal and speeches are over, the band or D.J. needs to set up and the other guests are arriving and get to experience the magic too, this is a great time to perform.

Another fast growing trend is themed weddings or events and in particular vintage styled weddings. One thing to consider is whether your magician is prepared to come suitably dressed and therefore enhance the experience for your guests.

How do you find the right magician for your wedding or party?
The best way is to meet up to discuss your requirements. This can be done either at a wedding fair or an event, if you have already met you will have a much clearer idea of what sort of entertainment you will receive, if you haven’t met your magician he should be happy to meet you somewhere for a demonstration, alternatively recommendations from friends or brides on forums.

Ultimately it’s your day, the magician that you hire should be able to answer any questions you have, show you what he can do or at least come recommended so that you can hire with the confidence that your day really will be one to remember.